Self-Healing Through Self-Love

We open the door. You must be the one to walk through it. Give us a call or book a session online to take charge of your health, today. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or wish to tour our facilities. Whether a new client or an existing friend, we welcome everyone with respect, care, and love.

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Energy Therapy

Utilizing the physical vibration of our bodies with the holistic connection of body, mind, and spirit, energy therapies align and clear our natural energy field to promote balance and overall health. We offer appointments in the following modalities: Aroma Touch – Aromatherapy


At Internal Wisdom Hydration and Wellness Center, “cleansing and detoxing” are more than trendy words; they are descriptors of our commitment to support you in enhancing your life – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We support your detox as a personal journey towards making clean, healthy

Organ Cleanse Packages

Wellness Programs

Organ Cleanse Packages In an ideal world, the digestive system eliminates properly, the liver detoxifies fully, and the body functions in perfect harmony. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many. Poor diet, exposure to toxic compounds, chronic stress, and...

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Comprehensive Rejuvenation from Colon Hydrotherapy

On my personal quest for "self", I encountered upon Rachael. She is a wealth of information about nutrition and digestive health; she sees the whole picture and the whole person. Through a series of colonics we released toxic waste from my body helping me loose over 22 lbs. Her Health Coaching Program addressed the emotional reasons for illness and taught me how to best cope with stress. She has been a great presence in my life.

Paola- State Worker and Student

Resounding “YES” to ReVibeIT Lounge!

Wow! Words cannot describe how I felt after my vibration and sound therapy treatment using The ReVibeIT Lounge... mostly because I was so relaxed. I came to Internal Wisdom to work on increasing my energy vibration. The combination of the sound vibration mixed with guided visualizations and binaural beats was out of this world. Thank you!

N. Fonteyn


Monthly Memberships – Internal Wisdom strives to make our services available to people from all demographics and income levels. We truly believe that we can make a difference in people’s lives, both physically and mentally. We provide affordable prices with our memberships...

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High Marks in Professionalism

Rachael’s professionalism, compassion and inspirational nature are an asset to anyone looking to take their diet and wellness to the next level. She holds herself and her facilities to the highest standards and will work with you to ensure you get the results for which you are looking. Whether you are new to this kind of work or if it is a regular part of your program, you couldn't ask for a better partner than Rachael.

- Susan C.- Breast Cancer Survivor

Pain Relieved Through Floatation

After 25 minutes in the tank I began to feel a sense of boundless offering incredible relief to my body. Once I emerged from the water, I had an overwhelming feeling of relaxation which stayed with me throughout the entire day. Truly this is something I would encourage others to try; especially for those like myself who are rehabilitating from injuries.

Samuel J. Holly


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