Who We Are:

We are a holistic community of healers, advocates, and practitioners who promote and facilitate self-healing through self-love. Our first objective is always to get to know YOU by establishing a foundation of trust, sincerity, and integrity.  Once established, we aim to restore physical balance through a bio-energetic approach that the body doesn’t lie. What some may see as symptoms, we see as signals of imbalance and distortions. We customize plans to your unique needs so that you can engage your internal wisdom to regain natural balance. We then build upwards from a healthy physical foundation towards emotional wellness and mental clarity. Through understanding, guidance, and mentorship Internal Wisdom provides a multi-faceted and robust healing experience so you can integrate your mind, body and spirit towards a rich and vibrant life.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to guide you towards your complete and realized self. We teach you to tap into your own intuition and internal healing mechanisms.  This allows you to become more conscious of how you interact with yourself and the world around you.  We advocate self-healing through self-love.


Excellence: Internal Wisdom is deeply passionate about and dedicated to supporting your personal journey.  Through deep listening and empathy, we treat everyone who walks through our door as unique.

Collaboration: We believe in you and your internal wisdom.  We work together as a team to identify your unique needs and to create an individualized program of healing.

Integrity: We are dedicated to the highest standards of openness, respect, affection and accountability.

Community: We believe in strength in numbers and growing together. We provide classes and courses that both educate our members and promote a healthy offline social network. We also work with other local practitioners to create robust and meaningful partnerships that benefit our clients.

Professionalism: At Internal Wisdom we are committed to the highest levels of professionalism.  We nourish the development of our clientele through our commitment to our own growth and development as practitioners and as an organization.