cleansing at Internal WisdomAt Internal Wisdom Hydration and Wellness Center, “cleansing and detoxing” are more than trendy words; they are descriptors of our commitment to support you in enhancing your life – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We support your detox as a personal journey towards making clean, healthy choices.

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You’ll enjoy an all-healthy stay-cation with an emphasis on nutritious whole food eating, spiritual awareness, preventive care, personal responsibility for wellness and activities including floatation and cleansing. You’ll find your experience is enriched immeasurably by the guidance of top professionals, holistic nutrition, life management, spirituality and more. Your goals will be supported by everything you see and do in a place where every choice is positive. You might focus on lifestyle habits, emotional well-being, nutrition or how you use (or have abused) your body. The ultimate goal is to empower you to be the healthiest, happiest you.

In the serene environment, you’ll flourish in a joyful atmosphere free of smoke, alcohol, fast food and the daily rush of modern life. You’ll quickly discover that Internal Wisdom is worlds apart from demanding schedules, the grit and noise of city life, and the nonstop pressure and stimulation that can become “normal” in daily living. An oasis, of sorts. The greatest temptation you’re likely to encounter at Internal Wisdom is whether to have another float this week or next week – and the lasting benefit you’ll take home is firsthand knowledge of the joy and power of healthy living.

Since 2010, discerning clients have embraced the Internal Wisdom as an evolving cleansing retreat. This is your chance to discover just how great you can feel when you’re living healthy – and gain the knowledge to live that way for life!

Ear Candling – Ear candling has been used in cleansing, purifying, and healing ceremonies for thousands of years throughout the world. In this gentle and soothing technique, a hollow linen cone dipped in beeswax is placed in the ear and the tip lit on fire. This appears to create a type of vacuum effect that draws out impurities.

Infared Sauna – Internal Wisdom offers the unique and highly beneficial sauna experience offered by Sunlighten. Sunlighten saunas use infrared heat instead of hot rocks or steam used in traditional saunas.

Ionic Foot Bath – Your feet have over 7200 nerve endings and 2000 sweat glands, effectively connecting your entire body and making the feet a natural gateway for disposal of waste products. Ionic foot baths are a component of several wellness programs at Internal Wisdom due to their effective and cleansing nature.

Whole Body Wrap – The Internal Wisdom Whole Body Wrap (or Body Contour Wrap) is a body contouring service which includes a variety of health benefits. The program is designed to cleanse the lymphatic and circulatory systems which in turn reshapes and smooths the body.

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