Monthly Specials – September

Energetic Restoration Package

  • Are you feeling emotionally blocked and can’t seem to get unstuck?
  • Do you lack the motivation to get started, even when you know what do to?
  • Is your body ailing and energetically drained?
We have brought together two powerful modalities, EFT and NES Health bio-energetics, to help you make a significant shift in your life.
Led by Jennifer Jackson,  EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or “Tapping,” is a powerful healing technique that combines the ancient Chinese art of acupressure with modern psychology.  During EFT, one gently taps on a series of traditional acupressure points while holding a strong emotional focus.  This combination of mental focus and meridian point stimulation balances the energy system, which allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities – which then results in the relief of psychological stress and physical pain.
Guide your innate healing even deeper with Rachael Dardano and NES Health. This cutting-edge system integrates both how the physical body functions with a holistic approach to energy flow within the body. You will receive a comprehensive report of your physiology and how your thoughts, feelings, and traumas impact your body and overall health.You will then be given individualized supplement recommendations for re-imprinting at home.
This powerful combination promotes significant and lasting shifts in your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
Package Includes
– 3 x 90 min EFT/Tapping sessions with Jennifer Jackson
– Bio-energetic scan and report with Rachael Dardano
– 10% off all Infoceuticals
Investment: $399 (save $106!)
These amazing specials must be purchased in September and can be used for up to one (1) year after date of purchase.
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Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Membership

12 Sessions – $169
Infrared saunas use invisible light to penetrate directly into the body, creating far greater health benefits at significantly lower temperatures compared to dry heat or steam saunas. The numerous health benefits include:
– muscle recovery and repair
– improved immunity
– weight loss
– skin rejuvenation and healing
– lowered blood pressure
– increased circulation
For only $14 per session, our full-spectrum infrared sauna relaxes, repairs, and rejuvenates. We even have an interactive screen with Netflix and Pandora!
*Monthly cost. Requires 3 month commitment.