Monthly Specials – September

Sacred Facial – $40 OFF!

Escape into a moment of BLISS with our Sacred Facial – a facial unlike any other. This unique facial by esthetician Mina Kumar uses vegan cosmetic line vegetalie by Jean d’Arcel and combines techniques from European massage, Ayurvedic Marma therapy, Chinese meridians, and modern facial techniques. This incredible blend of techniques FIRM and TONE the face by:

– bringing fresh blood to the face.
– stimulating collagen and elastin production.
– moving lymph from facial tissues.
– relaxing facial muscles.

This is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones! Embark on a journey of inner and outer wellbeing with our Sacred Facial.


Single Session:        $129  Now $89!
3 Series:              $350 Now $255!
6 Series:              $700 Now $480

These amazing special will be offered through the rest of 2017 and can be used for up to one (1) year after date of purchase.

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Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Membership

12 Sessions/Month – $168

Infrared saunas use invisible light to penetrate directly into the body, creating far greater health benefits at significantly lower temperatures compared to dry heat or steam saunas. The numerous health benefits include:

– muscle recovery and repair
– improved immunity
– weight loss
– skin rejuvenation and healing
– lowered blood pressure
– increased circulation

For only $14 per session, our full-spectrum infrared sauna relaxes, repairs, and rejuvenates. We even have an interactive screen with Netflix and Pandora!

*Monthly cost. Requires 3 month commitment. Receive 12 sessions each month.