Massage Therapy with Summer Rochelle, CMT

Bodies don’t lie.  Through massage therapy, our bodies tell all kinds of stories when we learn to listen.

Trauma, stress, and a myriad of memories and issues are stored in our tissues.  Deep bodywork through massage therapy can catalyze profound healing on multiple levels to unlock these frozen energies.

The physical body is a mirror of the unconscious mind.  It’s a treasure trove filled with all kinds of gems of internal wisdom.  The body can be the bridge to access what’s happening below the surface of our conscious minds. We can heal in our heads, and even in our hearts, but until we ground our healing into the physical body and clear our nervous systems, it’s not complete.

Summer Rochelle has spent decades healing her own severe trauma, building her mind-body connection, and honing her skills as a somatic locksmith.  She is available to help you access the true stories that are stored in your tissue and DNA, and to find the root cause of what ails you.

Her slow, responsive, deep and detailed work put the therapy back in massage.  Whether you need chronic pain relief, supreme relaxation, or a multidimensional view of what’s causing your pain, Summer has your back. She excels at taking people to their edge and doing effective work without injury – knowing when to let you relax into it and when to push further – quickly building trust to ensure deeper relaxation and healing.  She is also highly intuitive and an experienced energy healer, who can turn your whole body-mind complex into Gumby as she takes you on a journey into trance.