Local Health Care Professionals

At Internal Wisdom, we believe in building strong networks within our community. By partnering with other health care professionals, we are able to provide better and more comprehensive wellness strategies to you.

Revolutions Naturopathic
Welcome to Revolutions Naturopathic, a naturopathic medical practice serving the holistic health needs of the greater Sacramento area Alternative Medicine Practices

A directory of US based alternative medicine practitioners like herbal, acupuncture, holistic, homeopathic specialists. Here you can find unbiased customer reviews and recommendations of local practices

Ball Chi Fitness International

Ball Chi Body Fitness consists of exclusive styles of full body workouts utilizing a stability ball, soft medicine ball, and additional resistance equipment (depending upon the needs or experience of each individual client). Ball Chi Fitness teaches you a mind-over-body connection including meditative breathing, posture awareness, core strength and control, and, most importantly, to gain complete muscle control over your body.

Thrive Spine Center
Thrive Spine Center offers high quality Chiropractic and Massage for patients of all ages. Staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.