Liver Cleanse

The liver, our primary detoxification organ, removes toxic compounds from the body by subjected them to numerous chemical changes to be prepared for elimination from the body. Once prepared, these compounds are eliminated through the kidneys, skin, or gallbladder. With the advancement of industry and science, human beings are greater exposed to numerous toxic chemicals and byproducts. These chemicals can interfere with many biological processes and inhibit optimal wellness. Higher toxic exposure, poor diet, and chronic stress contribute to an overworked liver. A proper liver cleanse can help support the liver’s natural biological processes and aid in overall health. 

The Internal Wisdom Liver Cleanse utilizes natural, clean, practitioner-grade supplements to fully support the liver, digestive tract, gallbladder, kidneys, and circulatory system.  Key amino acids, vitamins, and minerals support the liver’s natural reactions and processes. Selected vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients support blood sugar metabolism and intestine function. Digestive enzymes aim in nutrient digestion and absorption while probiotics establish a healthy gut microflora. 

Our Standard Cleanse is for those that are looking for a seasonal reset. Keep in mind that a cleansing program, such as colon hydrotherapy, is highly recommended to aid in removal of toxic waste during a liver cleanse.

Standard Cleanse – $170

  • Comprehensive liver support supplement
  • Probiotics
  • Gallbladder support
  • Bentonite clay
  • PDF with diet plan and instructions

Our Premier Cleanse is a comprehensive cleansing program to support the liver, gallbladder, skin, and digestive system. This is the optimal program to properly support liver detoxification.

Premier Cleanse – $465

  • Colon hydrotherapy – 3 series
  • 30 minute health consultation
  • Standard Cleanse supplements, with customization for your needs
  • Comprehensive diet plan
  • 10% off additional supplements beyond Standard Cleanse

Whole Body Cleanse

Purchase the entire Standard Cleanse series for $395 (save $40) or the Premium Cleanse series for $1235 (save $100) for a whole-body reset!

Please call us at (916) 817-4407 to order your cleanse or schedule your consultation.