Mission Statement

Internal Wisdom’s mission is to facilitate a healing experience through comprehensive wellness services. Internal Wisdom is a place where people can come together to learn about healthy eating and nutritious living. It is a safe space to relax and cleanse. It is a haven for people to powerfully connect and achieve their fullest potential – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We do this by treating each person as a unique individual and by creating partnerships with other providers and physicians in the community. Internal Wisdom provides cutting-edge services to assist in the treatment of clients’ chronic conditions and by teaching them the skills and self-care needed to support healthier habits and lifestyles. We are dedicated to providing personalized coaching support in a safe and caring environment – an environment where all clients feel seen, heard and cared for. We seek to empower each client to take charge of his or her health and provide the tools and inspiration to reach those goals.

Internal Wisdom is designed to be a place where this kind of magic can happen. Together, we have a team of bright, talented, grounded and caring professionals who are committed to each other, our vision, and our clients. Come and experience a different kind of wellness center.